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  • SunWay



    We, Sunway, located in Jiangmen city, Guangdong, China. Jiangmen city is a famous manufacturing base of hardware products and stainless steel products in China. We start on manufacturing since 1995 and learn international trade since 2005.

     1995   Sunway open the first workshop with 4500 square meter and the capacity is around 10-15 containers per month;
     2003   Sunway enlarge the workshop to 10500 square mater and the capacity is around 30-50 containers permonth;
     2005   Sunway got the export license from government;
     2013   Sunway built a new showroom,more than 1000 different kinds of products on display.
     2017    Sunway enlarge the workshop to 150000 square meter and the capacity is around 70-90 container per month.

    We fully understand quality is the key point for each customer. We have SEDEX, BSCI, GSV & Disney certificate. We learn that some markets, like Europe, North America, Japan...etc. have some standard requirement, so our products are also passed LFGB, FDA, EN71, California Pro-65…tests.

    We not just concentrate on the well-known customers, small quantity customers are also very welcome. No matter when and where, our professional sales team is waiting for you here.

    Product list
    Online purchase
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